Boogie has been a favourite photographer of mine for years, I first discovered him whilst doing a University project. I bought his brand new book, ‘It’s All Good’ for my birthday and now I want this one for Christmas to add to my collection.


There’s a real grittiness to the images Boogie captures, with none of his work fashion-focused or studio-based. All of Boogie’s work is raw, street footage, documenting real life in varying dangerous countries and social extremities.


His book, ‘A Wah Do Dem’, focuses solely on his trip to Jamaica and exhibits his visionary magnetism to the darker side of human existence. I think Boogie is an incredible photographer, there’s an amazing quality to any image he has ever shot; whether it be ladies at lunch in Paris or birds in flight.


A really cool fact I learnt about him is that in Serbia, his country of origin, they have a green card lottery to the United States, which Boogie actually won. I find it amazing how such a turn of fate can result in an astounding career. My favourite work of his is of the gang life in New York city but I definitely want a copy of ‘A Wah Do Dem’, it just looks so good!



Buy ‘A Wah Do Dem’ here.


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