It’s time for day 3 in my 12 Days Of Christmas gift countdown…

CokeMagic officially make the best throwback rap clothing on the planet, I love them. My obsession began years ago but in early 2016 I finally invested in a couple tees, opting for the Belly one and a Bone Thugs N Harmony one. They’re two of the items I regularly rock that raise the most, “where is that from?!” questions.

If you’ve never heard of CokeMagic, get ready to want EVERYTHING. I’m serious, this is the only one stop shop offering fan gear for appreciators of every nineties rapper, plus Selena, Aaliyah, Max B, the list goes on.

I would happily put the entire collection on my Christmas wish list, but that would be greedy and I’ve been spoilt a lot this year. If I had to choose one tee, it would be the one with my parents on; Trick Daddy and Trina. Not only did they create me, they also continue to inspire me daily…


Cop the tee for $49 via the CokeMagic shop.


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