February 13, 2016

Clash Magazine: The World Is His – Nas *Cover Story*.

Words by Lily Mercer

Ex-husband, father, rap legend. Step into Nas’ world.

It’s the last days of the London Olympics and Nas is in town. Tomorrow he’ll witness the USA men’s basketball team win a gold medal. But today he’s in Hackney, Dalston, to be exact, explaining why 2012 was the right year for him to release an album.

“It’s an interesting time,” he begins. “[Music] comes out the way it comes out, you know? I never plan it to get it ready; music speaks to me in a way that tells me, ‘It’s time to do it again’. I never know when it’s time.”

After eighteen years of recording, these days he feels less pressure when it comes to the reception of an album. “Nervousness left a long time ago, except for the good butterflies you feel about to do something exciting. It’s just a good feeling and it’s cool to think that every time I put out a record, the sounds are more seasoned.”

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