July 18, 2017

L.I.L.Y.: Mac Cosmetics Pearl Matte Face Powder.

I’ve been a fan of MAC since Shyne said “a little bit of MAC lipgloss” on ‘Bonnie & Shyne’. The lyric made me cop one – Pink Poodle in case you care – but it was the subtle vanilla smell that made me a fan for life. To this day, at least half my make […]

My Favourite Creatives: Veruschka.

This week my favourite creative is Veruschka, a model who transcended beauty and transformed into an artist and photographer. She’s someone I’m inspired by for various reasons but predominantly, it’s her adventurous approach to creating images. Veruschka would often use body paint and camouflage herself within weird settings, painting her skin to look like a […]