The second surprise release of the week is just as strong as the first as Chance the Rapper‘s super group Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment finally drop their album, Surf.

We all knew this would be experimental and an example of music at it’s highest standards, but the project also boasts a great merge of cultures. Their inclusion of both Quavo from Migos and Erykah Badu is just one example of this. Also shout out to Busta Rhymes for lending his voice to the project, leading me to smile like crazy while travelling on public transport alone.

U.S. fans can buy it here but it currently isn’t available in the UK.

01 Miracle
02 Slip Slide
03 Warm Enough
04 Nothing Came To Me
05 Wanna Be Cool
06 Windows
07 Caretaker
08 Just Wait
09 Familiar
10 SmthnthtIwnt
11 Go
12 Questions
13 Something Came To Me
14 Rememory
15 Sunday Candy
16 Pass The Vibes

Via Pitchfork.


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