I fist came across OSHUN via a friend that did some filming with them. I don’t know a lot about them but today the NYC duo release a 12-track tape titled ASASE YAA, a perfect intro to their sound…

01 PREEECH – Produced by Proda
02 that day – Produced by The Stuyvesants
03 the next day – Produced by Solid Scheme
04 i wake up/stay woke – Produced by the.ill.the.jazztic
05 His (Honey)/Oxum – Produced by Nabeyin / POSHGOD
06 Șango – Produced by Nathaniel Geographica
07 Gods ft. T’nah Apex – Produced by Keith Lattisaw & Eric David
08 Protect Yourself ft. Proda – Produced by Eric David
09 2MINZOFH8 – Produced by Eric David & Keith Lattisaw
10 FUVK – Produced by Eric David
11 YE – Produced by Scoot Xylo
12 BROWN – Produced by Evil Needle

Via OkayPlayer.


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