December 25, 2018

12 Days of Christmas: Givenchy Fur Handbag [12].

Fur and handbags are two of my favourite things, so imagine my delight when I saw this Givenchy beauty on the Selfridges website! I need no excuse to buy a new bag, and this one looks like it could double up as a glove when London ices up over the New Year. Cop one via […]


12 Days of Christmas: Vanessa Mooney Gold Necklace [4].

I’ve always had a thing for layered gold necklaces and finally I’ve perfected the five layer one thanks to Vanessa Mooney’s gorgeous CIELO ROSE & AMOR NECKLACE. It sits perfectly in-between my Lamborghini and MERCER necklaces, which are also gold. Having added it to my collection, now I’m craving the PRAING HANDS GOLD NECKACE, which […]


L.I.L.Y.: Imran’s Potato Sacks.

I’ve had a thing for fake designer bags for years now. One of my favourites in my collection is an amazing furry Versace bag that the Italian brand wouldn’t dream of making. There’s something about the contrast of high end designer with tacky, cheap-looking fabrics. With that in mind, this bag is LITERALLY LIFTED FROM […]