September 20, 2017

MF DOOM – Notebook 06.

Artist: MF DOOM Song: Notebook 06 Producer: MF DOOM Project: The Missing Notebook Rhymes Via OkayPlayer. Advertisements


Meet: Wifisfuneral.

Age: 19 Location: Palm Beach, Fl  Releases: When Hell Falls 1.What’s the meaning behind your name? It’s just how me and my best friend met. His best friend committed suicide and that’s how we became friends. I named myself ‘wifi’ because I wanted my music to be nationwide. 2. What other names have you had? […]


#LilyLoves: We Moto Clothing’s Autumn 2013 Rap Idols Series.

This week I’ve come across some pretty awesomely pictorial decks for my #LilyLoves segment. Part of WeMoto Clothing’s autumnal pick for their Rap Icons series, the new release sees legends like Nas, MF DOOM and Kool Keith wonderfully illustrated in black against the white skateboards. Skating has been keenly appreciated in the Hip Hop scene since the […]