March 26, 2019

Nardwuar vs. DaBaby.

Nardwuar vs. DaBaby Via The Fader. Advertisements


Nardwuar vs. Chuck D.

The game just got switched on some Ludacris shit. Following a string of educational video interviews with Kali Uchis and others, Nardwuar challenges the music encyclopaedia himself, Public Enemy‘s Chuck D. If you watch one Nardwuar this year, make it this one… Via OkayPlayer.


Nardwuar vs. Kali Uchis.

I’ve been waiting for this one! As usual, the Canadian master of interviews, Nardwuar, was present during SXSW. Amongst several artists, he managed to catch up with one of my favourite musicians right now, the young Kali Uchis. Stay tuned for one of the most enlightening interviews by Nardwuar… And if you’re in London, don’t […]