There are a lot of things I’ve done in my career that I feel I never get to celebrate, so I wanted to start a new feature on the site, as a way to spotlight some of the amazing things that have happened or that I’ve been able to witness whilst I’ve been doing this job.

I wanted to start with one of the most surreal moments I’ve ever experienced, which I never could have imagined to happen to me. It was after interviewing Mobb Deep, an interview that they ended by performing to just me and three other people. It was the most private and exclusive performance I’ve ever had in my life. The situation arose when I was in New York; me and Jamal Edwards were shooting for sbtv, we went out there to do interviews and catch up on the movements and potential content New York had to offer. It was just me and Jamal, planning all these interview sessions, somehow I managed to get a contact for Havoc, from Mobb Deep, and secure some interview time.

Me, Jamal and this producer – who was shooting a reality TV show about SB.TV – travelled to the infamous studios. Anyone who knows anything about Mobb Deep will know about the Infamous Studios, that’s where they recorded all their albums and is the most important studio in Mobb Deep history. Really deep in Queens, on the border of Brooklyn, we ended up at the studio, sitting down in front of the boards that they recorded their most famous albums on. For a Mobb Deep fan, that’s like the epitome of fandom, in terms of what we were seeing them do, but also being in the actual studio itself. They had a gold cassette of ‘The Infamous’, which is amazing, showing the era in which it went golden.

For me, it was insane to sit down and have a conversation with these two icons. Artists I had listened to pretty much my whole life. Mobb Deep are super consistent to me like that, I grew up listening to them, early on in my teens. To have twenty years of engagement with the pair and to reach the point where you can sit down and interview them, it’s kind of insane. It’s definitely in my top three moments of having this job.

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I’m really sad that Prodigy has gone, I think it’s amazing to see how many people he touched. I saw so many beautiful tributes for him all over my Instagram and Twitter; I’d say 50% of the tweets and posts I saw after the news broke of his passing were about Prodigy. It was beautiful. I hope there can be a mass understanding as to why this man affected a generation in such a striking and vibrant way. He’s highly inspirational, not only as an MC, but as a figure in Hip Hop; definitely one of the best MC’s that ever lived. R.I.P Prodigy.


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