If you’ve had a look around the website, you may have come across an article I wrote about Jean-Michel Basquiat entitled The Radiant Child. I was inspired by the artist’s use of the copyright symbol, which would often decorate his work. I find that the copyright boundaries are very transparent and hard to govern. Does a small C in a circle really stop people from copying an idea? It’s almost like a magical symbol, protecting the creative output of whoever has faith in it.

Basquiat used the symbol with irony; placing it after a graffiti slogan painted on a Manhattan street does not actually copyright the work preceding it. But it suggests that anything can be copyrighted with the use of the symbol. It also elevates something that is considered undergroud culture onto the same playing field as mass culture.

With Basquiat in mind, I decided to copyright my nails, courtesy of the lovely Simona @ Wah Nails

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