Here are some of my highlights of 2012…

PhotobucketInterview with Naughty By Nature in London.

PhotobucketTraded a faux MMG drop for an interview with eXquire [blame the British accent]. [Shout out to Mimi Hassan!]

PhotobucketRode a Jackalope at SXSW in Texas.

PhotobucketRemy Banks hanging out at Bape in London.

PhotobucketRan away to Paris with my love.

PhotobucketLooking scared of Freddie Gibbs after our interview in London.

PhotobucketInterview with Mac Miller in London.

PhotobucketInterview with Slaughterhouse in London.

PhotobucketInterview with Kendrick Lamar in LA.

PhotobucketInterview with Nas in LA.

PhotobucketWatching Nasty Nas record a verse.

PhotobucketAAA at WTT in London.

PhotobucketInterview with Cypress Hill in London.

PhotobucketSaw Dizzee Rascal try & rescue A$AP Rocky’s watch.

PhotobucketInterview with Kendrick Lamar in London.

PhotobucketOn the set of the 3Flips6 video shoot.

Photobucket3Flips6 with Jewice, A$AP Ant and Remy Banks in Harlem.

PhotobucketInterview with Danny Brown in London.

PhotobucketInterview with Children of the Night in London.

PhotobucketChildren of the Piff: Children of the Night x Piff Gang in London.

PhotobucketRemy Banks & Nasty Nigel in Liberty’s.

PhotobucketNasty Nigel with my cat, Waka Flocka Flame in London.

PhotobucketMoved to New York for 3 months.


PhotobucketCameo-ed in my first music video for Catch’em & Milkavelli in FUPM.

PhotobucketMondre MAN of Main Attrakionz rocking my fur.

PhotobucketWrote about my friends for Noisey.

PhotobucketMy Nas article on the cover of Clash Magazine.

PhotobucketMy name in print, Clash Magazine, November.

PhotobucketInterview with The Underachievers in New York.

PhotobucketRemy Banks & Bodega Bamz performing GLDCHN in New York.

PhotobucketMellowhype performing in New York.

PhotobucketInterview with Waka Flocka in London.
PhotobucketWaka Flocka signed my PETA ad.

PhotobucketStarted my own radio show on Rinse FM, The Lily Mercer Show.

2012 was fun.

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