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On this week’s Lily Mercer Show, Ferg spoke on his response to Kendrick’s Control verse on Funkmaster Flex. The verse was full of references to Kendrick and his music, including a dig at Sherane…

When I asked Ferg how serious the attack was, he responded: “Of course I was messing around. Lyrically I wasn’t messing around but in all actuality I was messing around cus that’s like my brother. T.D.E. is like my family and I would never cause any harm to any one of those guys. in fact if they got into any beef or problems, I would be one of the first people to jump up and defend them.”

He added: “And all that was was me joking out loud because when we’re behind the scenes and on tour together and we’re on the buses, we always joke on each other. I just wanted to do it in front of everyone on Flex.”

Listen to the full interview below, the Kendrick quote is 1 hour and 19 minutes in.

The Lily Mercer Show | Rinse FM | August 25th 2013 | A$AP Ferg by Lily Mercer on Mixcloud

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