I recently did an interview with German magazine, BLONDE, read the interview in German here or English below…

What do you do and why do you do it?
I curate amazing new music via my magazine; Viper, my Rinse FM radio show and my blog. I also host on Beats1, DJ at events, throw parties and appreciate snacks. I spend a large portion of my life eating while waiting for a song to end.

What’s your purpose? Is it a hobby or do you wanna take over the world?
World domination can be a hobby too… I’m one of the lucky ones, I’m able to earn a living doing what I love, whether it’s interviewing artists, playing a DJ set, creating an issue of Viper Magazine or throwing a party.

We heard that you have interviewed many stars in music industry. What was your best interview moment and why?
When I was 24 I interviewed Mary J. Blige and made her laugh, that was surreal. I asked her a question that I was surprised no one asked before; ‘People often cry to your break up songs, what did you cry to when you were heartbroken?’ I loved her reaction because she’s such an icon it’s hard to see her as human but that emotion made me feel a connection.

How would you describe your style?
Very London, I like to blend high and low end brands, I don’t like to look the same as everyone else so I love sourcing rare pieces from charity shops. I love to mix streetwear with more glam accessories too, like sweatpants and heels.

What is your definition of fashion?
I define fashion as a catalogue of trends at that given moment. I prefer style; a way of dressing to showcase personality and display individuality.

What is your passion about music and hip hop?
I genuinely thought everyone was as passionate about music as I am until last year. Music can make me cry, laugh, burst with joy – it’s literally the closest thing to my soul. I’ve never been good at creating it so curation made sense for me. I feel a sense of purpose when I bring talented artists to a new group of people that instantly become fans. I don’t know why hip hop is the genre I identify with the most, but I feel at it’s core, it’s like journalism, providing an important voice for young people raised in cities around the world.

Which part of your body do you like most? Explain.
I like lots of parts, but I’d probably choose my eyes because I use them to create and they allow me to be inspired by the things I see. They also change colour sometimes – from blue to grey to green – depending on the weather and my mood.

What is your definition of being a woman?
Owning your vulnerability and letting your strength show through your independence. Loving your flaws because they make you unique.

What are you afraid of and how do you deal with it?
I’m kinda scared of the dark and I still don’t really fuck with bugs but those fears I find easy to control. My biggest fears are of losing loved ones as it’s something I was forced to to face when my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She’s still fighting it so I deal with that particular fear by maintaining a loving relationship with everyone I adore and spending as much time with them as possible.

What is most fascinating about Viper Magazine?
That it’s an independent print magazine existing in 2017 and the fact it displays an intelligent side of hip hop culture that mainstream publications tend to neglect to cover.

Future Projects?
More events under the PYREX STIRS and CAVALLI FURS brand name, we’re doing a mix of live shows, club nights and after parties in London and overseas. Clothing collections, for Viper and my own personal website.

What’s your message to the girls out there?
Find the hobby that you’re best at and turn it in to a career. Considering how much of your adult life is spent working, I believe the key to happiness is to dedicate your energy towards something positive that you believe in.

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