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Here’s Boldy James‘ new mixtape, Jammin’ 30. Featuring the recently released, Books featuring Kook The Kashcow.

01. Chirps [Prod. By Big Duke] (3:18)
02. Extra Grams (Feat. Mafia Double Dee & Peechie Green) [Prod. By Helluva] (5:03)
03. Turn It Down (Feat. Kevo Da Kid) [Prod. By D. Smith] (4:29)
04. Hit On My Bitch (Feat. PRG Poppa) [Prod. By Antt Beatz] (4:09)
05. Books (Feat. Kook The Kashcow) [Prod. By Dre Butterz] (3:27)
06. Michigan U’s (Feat. Dusty McFly & Forty Da Great) [Prod. By D. Elliott] (4:47)
07. I Took It (Feat. J’Oneal & Bo Skeet) [Prod. By J’Oneal] (4:22)
08. Church’s Chicken (Feat. GT) [Prod. By Trill] (3:11)
09. Wrist Breit (Feat. YB & Billion) [Prod. By Lifted] (4:25)
10. Any Block (Feat. Peechie Green & Kevo Da Kid) [Prod. By Ke On The Track] (4:00)
11. I’m Famous (Feat. Game Time Mafia) [Prod. By Radio Gold] (4:23)
12. What Else (Feat. 3D & Yank Jones) [Prod. By Real G’s] (4:38)
13. Sky Scrapping (Feat. Mafia Double Dee & Peechie Green) [Prod. By Antt Beatz] (4:52)
14. 1st 1 Up (Feat. Soll Badd, Peechie Green & Joe Boom) [Prod. By Infinity] (3:49)
15. Deja Vu (Feat. Dingo A. Young & Spitz [Prod. By A1] (4:04)
16. Break It Down (Feat. Poppy Bricks) [Prod. By Mannchyld] (3:38)
17. Trippy Snacks (Feat. Hatt Squad) [Prod. By Trill] (3:47)

Download here.

Via NahRight.

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