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My 1st Chemistry Set is out on October 15th, with some exciting features from Vince Staples, Earl Sweatshirt, Da$h and Domo Genesis, amongst others. All production is courtesy of Alan the Chemist.

2. Consideration
3. Moochie
4. Traction feat. Action Bronson
5. You Know
6. Surprise Party feat. King Chip and Freeway
7. What’s the Word
8. Rappies feat. Mafia Double Dee and Peechie Green
9. Cobo Hall
10. Give Me A Reason feat. Vince Staples
11. 400 Thousand
12. Reform School feat. Earl Sweatshirt, Da$h and Domo Genesis
13. KY Jellybeans

Check out Moochie for a taste of the project. Find out more about Boldy with the interview we did back in March.

Via FakeShoreDrive.

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