Book a session with me for career advice, or feedback and tips on how to improve and plan your work.

In these sessions I’ll provide insight and give examples to guide you and advise your work. I can also explain the steps I took to develop my skills and how you can also embark on a career in the music industry.

Each session will last 60 minutes and be conducted using ZOOM. The cost for the hour will be £100/$140 £50/$70.

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– How to make a radio show
– How to launch a magazine
– How to land your dream interview
– How to have a career writing about music
– How to be a DJ
– How to start a blog
– How to make videos for YouTube
– Ways to release your new single/project
– How to submit music properly to blogs and tastemakers
– Media training: How to be good at interviews/public speaking
– Music Discovery and breaking in to A and R

About Me
With ten years experience working in the music industry, I have been a music journalist, DJ, radio host, presenter, interviewer and A+R. As the founder of Viper Magazine, I have a great deal of experience as an editor of publisher. I have an understanding of great branding and know how to establish a platform in the music industry.

My experience in radio includes 7 years at Rinse FM, 4 years at Beats1/Apple Music and 1 year at NTS. I have self-produced my radio shows throughout my career and can advise on the technical side of radio as well as presenting.

I began interviewing artists in 2010 when I joined SB.TV and I have interviewed over 100 musicians predominantly rappers. Notable names include Mary J. Blige, Nas, Kendrick Lamar, Chuck D and more. I’m skilled with interviews and with several magazine features published, can advise on how to become a great music journalist.

With my radio show, I was the first to play several notable musicians on UK radio, including xxxtentacion, SZA, 6LACK, Doja Cat and more. My ear for music has built my reputation as a tastemaker with many A+Rs scouting for artists on my website. I can advise those that want to discover music early as an A+R.

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