UGK legend Bun B was recently a featured guest on Juan Epstein. While they spoke for over an hour with the Trill O.G., Bun recalls the bizarre first time that he met Biggie.

[So I’m in Atanta, at the BMI offices. I’m on promo, promoting ‘Supertight’… So we go into the thing and we’re in the room and whatever, they’ve got different people in different places, and I see Big… So I go over to Biggie, and I introduce myself. “Yo, I’m Bun B, I’m with the rap group UGK.” And he’s like, “Oh yeah! You got the ‘Pocket Full of Stones’ joint on the Menace soundtrack. I was with MC Eiht in L.A. and he kept trying to play his song, and I kept telling him to play y’all’s shit again. I like that real street shit.”

So I was like, “I appreciate it. I heard your shit, I like it, real street shit. We’re about to go outside and smoke if you wanna smoke.” He was like, “Yeah, no problem.” So we go out to the car, I’m trying to be a nice guy. “Yo, you can sit in the front seat”. And [Biggie says] “Nah, I’m gonna sit in the back.” I’m like, “… aight. Okay, cool.” So, Biggie gets in the back seat, and he doesn’t close the door. He’s just sitting there. I’m like, “Yo, close the door, keep the smoke inside,” you know? He’s like, “Nah, I’m all good.”

And I’m thinking this all seems very strange. It didn’t occur to me until later: he sat in the backseat so that no one could sit behind him. And then he sat with the door open so that I couldn’t pull off with him. I mean, he was comfortable enough to come out and smoke, but I think he was just mentally trained to react in certain ways in certain situations.]


Via MissInfoTV.

Transcript via Complex.

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