Complex recently featured me in their list of 30 Under 30 Music Industry Creatives and they had some very kind words to say about my career so far. Read the full list here.

Job title: Publisher, Viper Magazine / Broadcaster, Rinse FM + Beats 1 Radio
Age: 28
Twitter: @LilyMercer

Lily Mercer impressively emblazoned the first three copies of her hip-hop mag, Viper, with Darq E Freaker, Kali Uchis and Schoolboy Q. Irreverent, determined and uniquely creative, the north London music fan and critic hosts her own weekly Rinse FM show every Monday from 1-3am, chatting mainly about good beats and tomorrow’s next best thing. She’s also a regular on Apple’s Beats 1 Radio. Writing for a variety of creative online platforms, profiling high-brow and leftfield talent, Mary J. Blige, Pete Rock and Wu-Tang have all been grilled by the young, wise, cultural activist. Lily’s focus is on promoting the important voices of the future and speaking out against inequality across cultural boundaries.

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