Stupidly I got really drunk the night before this year’s Crooked Tongue’s BBQ, so I spent the day wallowing in self pity and wondering when a picture of me wearing giant sunglasses without lenses was taken. I don’t know why I didn’t scoop up my dignity and roll to Shoreditch for the best hangover cure known to man – free chicken and rum. But hey, I have my whole life to regret that.

Just to make me (and you, if you missed it) feel a bit worse, here’s a video from the day showing just how fun it was. The Crooked Tongue DJs were Rodigan, Alexander Nut, Cosmin TRG and Josey Rebelle. Check out the legend Rodigan showing the youngers how to party. All four sets are available through Spine Radio at In Rodigan’s set, he asks the golden question, “Is someone smoking weed in here?” Well it is a BBQ Mr Rodigan.

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