It’s official, the exaggerated eyebrow is more catchy than swine flu. This trend has been gathering momentum all summer, but Autumn looks set to confirm the staying power of the trend.

Marc Jacobs’ Autumn Winter show was an extravaganza of eighties fashion so it’s no surprise that he demonstrated exaggerated brows in all their glory. Many different variations of the trend were on display in the show; some were shaded to appear darker and bushier, while others have an extra line leading out of the arch. The most outlandish style featured the eyebrow shaded with coloured eyeshadow making the brow area appear endless. London designer Holly Fulton also rocked the big brow look, but on a more dramatic scale. All of the models in her show had over the top eyebrows resembling two black lines across the forehead.

This trend is quite simple to ease yourself into, just buy an eyebrow pencil in a similar shade to your eyebrows and gently shade your brows until they stand out, or if you’re daring, add bright eyeshadows to experiment with crazy colours. Practise makes perfect though and this look is easy to get wrong.

If you feel a bit more Dennis the Menace than catwalk star, look to models of the past for advice, most notably the queen of the exaggerated eyebrow…Brooke Shields. Though hers are natural, this is the best way to subtly shade your eyebrows. Eighties model, Talisa Soto also works the look well. Modern day models Tallulah Morton and Georgia Frost are also examples of great eyebrows, especially the black/blonde contrast seen on Frost.

This is the make up look of the season so go on girls, get your Brooke Shields on!

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