This is a really good interview to watch if you’re into Hip Hop and the Illuminati. Fuck that, it’s just a really good interview in general. Professor Griff, formerly a member of Public Enemy knows how to create quite a stir. Here he explains why his house got burnt down, why Nas & Jay-Z made up, who really killed Tupac, and a whole lot of background on the Illuminati. There are moments when it feels a bit like the time you started talking to someone only to realise they were crazy, but a lot of the stuff he says is interesting regardless. If this guy ends up dying in a suspicious accident, that will be enough proof for me.

The interview is 20 minutes long, but it’s worth it, even if only to watch the upbeat interviewer attempting to retain control of a casual interview.

One thought on “Fight the Power.

  1. I don’t quite know how to approach the whole illuminati situation. Quite frankly I don’t have the time to think too much about, especially as there is no way it can be solved (if true). The whole thing on Puff (althought funny) is a little far fetched, but hey, he has is beliefs and his right to express them.

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