I have a girl crush.

Gita’s cute but she can rap. Plus she has that 90s baby-thug style of the Aaliyah and Da Brat era. I heart her.

Hood Rich sounds like a G-Funk remix to the Final Fantasy theme with a chick from Oakland reminiscing about retro rap. The hook pokes fun at bitches being ‘hood rich’ making it a great soundtrack to my life as I roll with a fur coat and £10 to my name.

I have a tendency to bitch about female rappers that use overt sexuality over talent to further their careers. I know that sex is a natural desire for all humans so I’m not complaining about sexual lyrics – I listen to the most explicit Hip Hop around – but there’s no need for your press shots to reflect that; I don’t want to fuck you.

My point is that if I the first time I see you, you have your legs open, I probably won’t take you seriously as a rapper. I will take you seriously as a pin-up though. I wish more female MCs would take a leaf out of Gita’s book –  I think she’s sexy as fuck but she’s not relying on cheap tactics to get attention. The video is adorable and original, more Missy than Kim.

Side note: I listened to Hood Rich while I put on my make up today and I feel 90% more gangsta than I normally do. Thanks Gita!

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