There’s no doubt that Hello Kitty is an icon in popular culture but I’ll admit I was a little shocked to hear she’d been doing her thing for more than three decades. That’s right, that cute little cat that doesn’t look a day over five is actually 35 years old. Pretty impressive considering she grew up in the stressful environment of the big smoke, Yes another shocker for y’all, it’s a little known fact, but Hello Kitty is a London girl. According to her biography, Hello Kitty and her twin sister Mimmy have lived with their parents in London since 1974.

Teaching us all a thing or two about longevity, Hello Kitty has been flying planes, baking cookies and hanging out with her friends longer than most of us have been alive. It’s her ability to appeal to all ages that ensures Hello Kitty’s success. Mothers are able to introduce their daughters to a character that they grew up with. Since she first appeared on a coin purse in Japan in the 1970s, the Hello Kitty brand has been constantly updated with new visuals and products. Every Hello Kitty design since the 1970s can be seen in the gallery of the website created to celebrate Hello Kitty’s 35th.

Several products have been designed for the anniversary, including key rings, mugs and sweets, plus a red wooly jumper, all of which can be found on the website. Hello Kitty also found the time to collaborate with several brands, most notably guitar brand Fender, to create products inspired by the classic cat. Kimora Lee Simmons has designed a large collection of jewellery, with some pieces complete with real diamonds! For her birthday Hello Kitty has taken to wearing a larger bow than normal. This news must have got back to Lady Gaga who wore a massive red bow in homage to Hello Kitty at a recent fashion shoot. In possibly one of the best presents you could ask for, Gaga also wore a dress made entirely out of Hello Kitty teddy bears. The cat done good.

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