There is concern in the capital tonight, as ‘hating’ appears to have reached epic levels. The act of dishing out unwarranted opinion using negative language can be damaging to your health and your career, possibly causing people to view you as envious, bitter, and past-it.

2010 has become the year of the Internet Gangster (IG), a person that hides behind a computer screen when they dish out insults. Anyone with fingers and an opinion can become an IG, meaning they probably ain’t really that gangster. I mean, when did you last see a real G rolling with their Mac Book? IGisms include indirect comments, naming someone on Twitter without @’ing them personally and switching to Facebook to talk about someone on Twitter or vice versa.

Am I the only one bored of cyber bitching? The last year has seen the blogosphere overrun with competitive anger in a “Like, I was totally writing about ‘urban’ stuff before you were” kind of way. Maybe I was happily oblivious to it last year, but I feel like jealousy-fuelled negativity is taking over parts of London’s creative scene. Fair enough, it may be annoying to see someone endlessly recycle your blog entries, but calling them out on it via the Internet is lame. People probably already noticed and rated you higher for it, but when you announce your criticism to the world, you look angry and stupid.

My advice to IG’s is, shut the fuck up, turn off the computer and go and smoke some weed or something. Alternatively, do some real work so that people can hate on you for once.

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