Named after one of the strongest strains of sativa known to man, Hawaiian Snow promises a heavy dose of potent Hip Hop. Brought to you by Tony Yayo and Danny Brown, the mixtape combines Brown’s complex lyrics and Yayo’s cocaine flow.

You know what to expect from Yayo, but this time the G-Unit star has teamed up with Danny Brown, a rapper who in my eyes can do no wrong. He has already validated his place in my heart as the best rapper of 2010 and will continue to do so unless he loses his sense of humour and originality in a freak accident. Brown is one of the most consistent rappers around today. You can count on him to combine weed, sex and computer games to produce solid lyrics complete with clever word play and witty jokes.

With both artists combining their fan bases, the hype around this mixtape has been building up for some time. The addition of the notorious Lil B, who is turning into the Lady Gaga of the Hip Hop world, on two tracks ensures that fans of the Wolf Pack are sure to co-sign.

Up to this mixtape, everything Brown has produced has been released for free. That’s an overwhelming six mixtapes and two albums. If you’re a fan of the Detroit rapper, some may say that you owe him for all the freeness you’ve received so far, therefore head over to iTunes or Amazon and download Hawaiian Snow. If you attempt to download it illegally I hope you choke while laughing at Brown’s lyrics.

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