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Illustrated People launch their women’s line for Autumn/Winter with a lovely mix of long and short sleeve tops, beanies, bodycons, turtle-necked pullovers and more. Known for their eye-catching prints, you’ll find a diverse mix of patterns from monochrome motifs to the new hot pink and royal blue, blossom-patterned cropped sweaters.

The new Illustrated People collection also boasts re-imaginings of the leopard and bandana print designs among others , take a look below!


 photo A-W13IllustratedPeopleWomenswear2_zps22da3fdb.jpg

 photo A-W13IllustratedPeopleWomenswear3_zps2033bd59.jpg

 photo A-W13IllustratedPeopleWomenswear4_zps7a046a06.jpg

 photo A-W13IllustratedPeopleWomenswear5_zps9a37a760.jpg

 photo A-W13IllustratedPeopleWomenswear6_zpsd7740b88.jpg

 photo A-W13IllustratedPeopleWomenswear7_zpsd0ef9d0a.jpg

 photo A-W13IllustratedPeopleWomenswear8_zpsfb58dc0f.jpg

 photo A-W13IllustratedPeopleWomenswear9_zps1a01d01e.jpg

 photo A-W13IllustratedPeopleWomenswear10_zpsf2de599a.jpg


Shop the Illustrated People collection. And enter our competition here!

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