I’ve been listening to Tha Dogg Pound since I was a little girl so I have an overwhelming amount of love for Kurupt. In fact he could probably slaughter a newborn lamb in front of my eyes and I’d make excuses for him like, “Yeah, but I heard that lamb was saying shit about your mum. It’s cool, he deserved it.”

I like this song, even though he says tsunami, which for personal reasons is enough to make me delete a song from my computer and rant about how surely they could have used another word, one that doesn’t make me go silent when mentioned.

Anyways, this track is called I’m The Man and is from the album, Streetlights which was released back in April. I like the video a lot, though I think they should have stuck to the lower budget style footage, it looks fresher. But I’m guessing that Kurupt put his foot down and requested a hot chick just to stick to the traditional Hip Hop video format.

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