Lily Mercer has been gaining a lot of attention since the end of last year, appearing in numerous campaigns for Adidas, G-Shock, Puma etc and DJ’ing for the likes of Google, Supra etc.

Some have gone as far as calling her London’s new ‘Music It Girl’ comparing her to the likes of Alexa Chung for the music scene in London, NYC & LA. Lily is self made, and after already being the talk of the music and fashion scene is quickly becoming the talk of London town.

We spoke to Lily about all things music, fashion & entertainment and she reveals how she got into the industry as well as her uniqueness and what make her different.

What influenced you to become a radio presenter?
I never actually set out to be a radio presenter, I was a journalist but I fell into it after someone at Rinse found my blog and thought it would translate well into a radio show. It’s been a fun three years of The Lily Mercer Show so far, I love the variety of doing both Rinse FM and Beats1. Both are very different formats; On one the music is 100% chosen by me and the other, there’s certain rules and guidelines that come into play, so I get to be both a specialist DJ and presenter. I found Beats really challenging at first but I enjoy discovering music of different genres through the station. It’s very different to the rap bubble I create with The Lily Mercer Show…

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Photo by Vicky Grout.

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