Uh oh. It looks like shots have been fired in the Young Money camp. And they’re headed straight for Jay Z

The first sign of beef came when Drake suggested that Jay Z and Kanye West had stolen the idea for a collaboration album from Lil Wayne and him. The Canadian rapper made the announcement while in London, during an appearance on the Westwood show. It’s believed that Drake made this announcement following suggestions that a lyric in Jigga’s verse was aimed at Cash Money boss, Baby.

Well no one puts Baby in the corner. So now Lil Wayne’s stepped up to back his manager/father. Though not as blatant as Drake’s comments, Weezy’s lyric on Roman’s Revenge 2.0 suggests that Jay Z won’t be getting away with dissing Baby as he spits, “Old ass rappers / I’m still the shit / old ass Pampers.”

It’s a bit of an indirect, but at the age of 41, Jay Z does seem to fit the bill. The question is, will he respond?

Originally published by SB.TV

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