The thought provoking, introspective & drug induced MC, Issa Gold, one half of The UnderAchievers, a duo that runs with the Beast Coast movement, drops his 8 track solo EP Conversations With a Butterfly.

 photo issa_zps97b54802.jpg

1. “Aquinini” p. Rami.B
2. “Musical Chairs” p. Ion Quest
3. “Phalipacoin” p. Pat Banahan
4. “Lions Can’t Fly” p. Rami.B
5. “September 5″ p. Rami.B
6. “Royalist” p. Nick Leone
7. “Lions Can Fly” p. Thundercat
8. “Pesadillas” p. Rami.B

Download here.

Via PotholesInMyBlog.

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