Interviewing Just Blaze and Achemist was an experience I will never forget. I fully expected them to be serious dudes with enormous egos considering their impressive list of production credits. In actual fact they’re two of the funniest guys you will ever meet and have egos the size of tiny woodland creatures.

As much as I tried to be serious and rein them in, it was hard not to laugh when Just told me his next career move is to open a farm in the middle of Harlem. Though Alchemist was being complimentary when told me I should be a writer, it was the most unintentionally funny moment, being that I am a writer.

But the highlight of the interview was when Just taught me the death grip, saying, “Choke me.” My immediate response, “I can’t choke Just Blaze!” but I did and have photographic evidence…

Click here to read the highly entertaining interview.

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