I posted Salute on the SB.TV blog a couple days ago and I’ve had it in my head ever since. There’s something about TB’s verse and the way he is full of humour as he shouts the lyrics. He believes in his bars so much that, as the viewer you do to. Confidence is so important as an MC because it makes you stand out and be remembered. You can be the greatest rapper ever, but if you don’t rap like you believe it, you may as well be ghostwriting; at least you’d definitely get paid.

Obviously shouting over a track is not something that suits every rap but TB is a good example of an MC that it works for. He made me pay attention, laugh and remember the track for several days. That’s very impressive considering how many music videos I watch each day. Salute is a great track. The three good MCs over a beautiful beat strikes just the right balance to make the track distinctly UK.

K-Nite 13 is a producer you should watch for. I’m looking forward to the LP this track is taken from, The Drawing Board, which comes out on February 7th. In addition to these three MCs, the LP also features Black The Ripper, Skriblah, Loudmouth Melvin and Scorzayzee.

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