Recently Rah Digga offered her two cents in the debate over Kat Stacks, adding the most sensible perspective that I’ve heard so far. She pretty much sums up my own opinion on the groupie of 2010.

After Nicki Minaj, the most talked about female in Hip Hop this year is undoubtedly Kat Stacks. The fact that a groupie is being discussed more than the hard working and talented female rappers in the industry is sad to say the least. That the industry is slightly sexist is nothing new, but the fact that the two most talked about females, Nicki and Kat are also the two wearing the least clothing says a lot. In no way am I comparing Nicki to Kat, she is after all a talented MC and has entered the scene at an entirely different level, but either way she is still selling sex.

Kat is very literally selling sex in return for money, clothes and fame. And it’s clearly working, last month she was featured in XXL and not in the Eye Candy section, but squeezed between Vado and Young Jeezy. While I don’t agree with what Kat Stacks does, she isn’t exactly getting played. In fact, if the videos are anything to go by, she’s playing the dudes.

Like Rah Digga says, “An honest ho is better than a dishonest ho” and there are many women in the industry that are doing exactly what Kat Stacks does, without talking about it so openly. By being honest about what she is doing, she separates herself from those in denial about their actions. My only concern is that some females may see the benefits of Kat’s lifestyle without being mature enough to deal with the ugly side of being an industry ho. Kat has paid the price for her fame so far with not one but two public beat downs. There are still questions about how the future will pan out for Kat, but things don’t look good. Her ‘career’ will probably be short-lived, her young children are not yet aware of what their mother does and the rich rappers are most likely to avoid her at all costs.

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