I recently did an interview with King’s Ransom London about what keeps me awake at night and what I’m most likely to be arrested for…

Lily Mercer is the North Londoner who’s love of hip-hop, print publications and a way with words led her to create Viper Magazine. After feeling frustrated with the increasingly limited spectrum and portrayal of hip-hop culture, leaving a once vital outlet lacking, in both significance and authenticity. Viper strives to be the antithesis of this and to bring back the grass roots of hip-hop appreciation. Aside from all of this, Lily is also a freelance journalist, DJ and radio host on Rinse FM and making regular appearances on Beats 1. On top of all that, Lily’s got an enviable jewellery collection and a wicked sense of humor, which makes her a firm favourite here at King’s Ransom HQ. We caught up with Lily a few months back to find out what makes her worth a King’s Ransom…

What is your passion and how did you discover it?
I have several but my main passion is discovering great music and sharing it with people. Whether that’s done via my magazine, radio show, website or even social networks, that’s the one common factor. I also love creating things so I have a passion for design, photography and styling on an amateur level.

What’s the last song you listened to on Apple Music?
I’m an Apple Music girl and tend to stream songs and albums to make sure that I want to buy them. I’ve listened to the new Ab-Soul album, ‘Do What Thou Wilt’ a lot this weekend and love it. Also lots of replays on Spillage Village’s ‘Bears Like This Too Much’ EP.

What does King’s Ransom London mean to you?
Three great words combined to create a cool brand.

What keeps you awake at night?
The fear of never owning my own baby pink Lamborghini Countach.

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