I’m a diehard Clarks fan. Who can question the impeccable taste of Ghostface Killah and countless Jamaican rude boys?!

 photo 20357930_B_zps01df86e8.jpg

These bad boys have got me craving a new pair of Clarks Desert boots to keep my feet warm this winter. Featuring a blue sole and laces that set off the lilac perfectly, these shoes are sure to stand out on London’s grey pavements.

 photo 20357930_C_p_zps38890722.jpg

With their a gorgeous shade of lilac suede, these may just replace my pastel pink Desert boots as my favourite pair of Clarks.

 photo 20357930_B_p_zpsec5dd8d6.jpg

Get a pair here.

 photo 20357930_D_p_zps876f9d8e.jpg

 photo 20357930_E_p_zpsb7bfb97c.jpg

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