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Last week, Odd Future dropped their newest GolfWang collection for the autumn/winter season and naturally something caught my eye for this week’s #LilyLoves.

I’m particularly liking the label’s take on polka dots with the bright new ‘Golf’ branded tees that come in both white and pink.

The whole collection is accessible, with staple streetwear apparel silhouettes fashioned in that fun, humourous and inappropriate style aesthetic for which OF are known. The pieces are bold, with lots of hats, tees, graphic tees, snapbacks, zebra-print socks, a “FAP” hoodie and cats (yay!) imprinted on most items. Their much-coveted “Golf” t-shirts have also been replenished with this latest release.

If you’re lucky enough to be in L.A., head over to their store at 410 North Fairfax or click here to get yours.

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