Snuggling season has begun. Catch me in the corner looking warm in this “Cold” Ritual Paris sweater.

 photo DSC_0529_zps40de69cc.jpg

Photo by Eddy Leonardo.

The “Cold” jumper features the brand name emblazoned across a square of white noise and comes in two colours, black and white. Though aimed at men, the clothes are too tempting for females to ignore and delightful geometric prints look as good on the ladies as they do on men.

 photo 224-thickbox_default_zps76c8faa3.jpg

Ritual Paris is a French label that has expanded from the SOUND CATHEDRAL® music group merchandise brand into an established clothing line. Offering tees, sweatshirts, hoodies and button-down shirts, the fall/winter collection is stocked in premium boutiques. The amazing Barbie-doll print bomber jacket is another highly desirable item available in the Ritual Paris/KEEP UP store.

 photo photocopy_zps2b153605.jpg

With their Boxpark, Shoreditch Pop-Up store, Ritual Paris will be catering to stylish east Londoners for the next 3 months. Alongside clothing from both ranges, the store will stock eco-friendly products, and a great range of print publications. Ritual will be stocked alongside fellow clothing brand, KEEP UP.

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