Since the first time I saw it, the Parental Advisory sign has held an alluring mystique for me. A symbol of the rawest Hip Hop, the stuff that my grandparents wouldn’t appreciate me listening to, the label has acted as a benchmark for all that’s illicit, violent and pornographic. Basically the good shit.

 photo explicitgreens2copy_zps831aaa73.jpg

Realising the allure, fashion designers have allowed the Parental Advisory sticker to creep into clothing. Most recently, Alexander Wang splashed the symbol across the chest of a sweater that’s sheer in places. The placement of the familiar logo acts as a tongue in cheek play on the wearer’s body as the explicit content in question.

Though Wang’s created a hell of a desirable item for next season, this Sprayground backpack is one way to incorporate the PA sticker into your style on a more regular basis; daily even. With the addition of another desirable print right now, the marijuana leaves add an eye catching element to the bag’s overall look.

 photo explicitgreens1copy_zpsb2508d99.jpg

I constantly struggle to find a backpack that doesn’t make me look like a schoolgirl and with the right touch of debauchery, this Sprayground masterpiece is unlikely to give off a youthful look.

If the Parental Advisory backpack is a little too loud for your style, Sprayground have an incredible selection of printed bags in various styles. The Money Stacks Duffle bag is a favourite with the Flatbush ZOMBiES who are often spotted carrying stacks of dead presidents.

 photo explicitxcopy_zps09027a01.jpg

Sprayground is astocked at Richmond Classics in the UK.

Sprayground website.

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