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For something so compact, my #LilyLoves favourite for this week boasts surprising quality. The Bitmore e-Storm/e-Wave Super Bass Speakers really do pack a lot of bass for something this small.

Portable and easy to move around, the e-Storme/e-Wave are a cute, pretty affordable wireless accessory perfect for individuals active and on the move or even just for moments when you’re hanging with the homies and don’t have a full speaker set with you.

Water resistant – a handy addition considering the size of these speakers – this wireless Bitmore product comes with room-filling sound from this as well as a host of other tidy little features for under £50.

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“The e-Storm/e-Wave speaker can be used in conjunction with an iPod or any portable music device that has bluetooth or a headphone jack, it also supports a micro SD card (8gb maximum), should your iPod or MP3 device run out of battery… Despite it’s compact size, it delivers impressive sound, and a rechargeable battery offers up to eight hours of listening pleasure. If the speaker is not in use, it automatically switches into sleep mode to save energy. The device is water-resistant, Bluetooth-enabled and has a built in microphone for receiving phone calls.”

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