#LilyLoves Viper. Obviously. That’s like saying the Virgin Mary loved Jesus. Of course when you create something, a certain amount of love is expected.

 photo FIENDWHITE_zps50343345.jpg

The Fiend tee appeared to me in an epiphany over six months ago as I sat silently judging humans in “Comme des Fuckdown” and “Homies” garms. I was surprised that amongst all the lazy attempts at mocking brand logos, no one had flipped Fendi into Fiend. And so we decided to make the tee for Viper, a statement about the people that wear the faux designer tees critiqued in my Rebore Couture article in the Spring Issue.

And so you can catch me in my Viper tee this Spring, openly mocking those fiends for fashion.

Buy the Fiend Tee here.

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