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This week I’ve come across some pretty awesomely pictorial decks for my #LilyLoves segment. Part of WeMoto Clothing’s autumnal pick for their Rap Icons series, the new release sees legends like Nas, MF DOOM and Kool Keith wonderfully illustrated in black against the white skateboards.

Skating has been keenly appreciated in the Hip Hop scene since the 90s, way before Weezy‘s affections for the sport. What with the likes of Pharell, Lupe Fiasco, Odd Future and Black Dave, it’s a welcome sight to see rap legends on the back of boards. I’m sure fans of both Hip Hop and skating will agree.

Luckily for non-skaters, the illustrations come on white tees too!

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 photo 9770614762_9f8e9a41b4_b_zps69c45fcb.jpg

Check out the accompanying tees below and head over to We Moto’s online store here, to cop yours.

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