Location: Atlanta, USA
Age: 22
Release: CocaineTears

1. What’s the meaning behind your name?
Uhhm, I don’t know, it’s just my birth name! Hehe that’s kinda a hard question, I don’t think there’s a meaning to it.

2. What other names have you had?
Dyls. Usually just the people who really know me call me that, lololol. “BOOCHy MANE,” that’s an insider name, hahaha.

3. Which song of yours would you first want people to hear?
Mmmmm … I really like ‘Float On’ featuring RELLAJAMU, we worked on it at Blast Off Studios in NY. It’s a very great studio, thanks to them and the engineer Drew and the people that helped with the song, Colin Sprows Engineering too. It’s just like a song me and Rell made right after ‘Cocaine Tears’, we took the china bus (45$ to N.Y with really nowhere to stay, just had a studio to go to and we were kinda just like floating around NY for about 2 weeks. When we made that song it really felt good, we knew it was our favourite song, big modest mouse influence on that one hahaha 🙂

4. Who was your Hip Hop idol growing up?
Hmm I grew up around my brother listening to a lot of old hip hop and stuFf like Nas, ‘Pac, Biggie, Bone Thugs, Ja Rule, random shit lol. He had like a whole bunch of CDs and I used to go through them, I swear even a bunch of old R&B, Craig David, 112, uhhh Joe! LMAO. I don’t know but I would have to say Kid Cudi is the biggest influence and person I looked up to, he really does his thing.

5. Which musician would you most like to work with?
Isaiah Rashad, Kid Cudi, Feist (the girl singer), Frank Ocean, Kanye lol. Uhmm a bunch of people, Fly Lo, Angela McCluskey from Télépopmusik. There’s too many haha I cld go forever, Daniel Johnston, Young thug x Rich Homie duo, I think kendrick would be neat too, of course.

6. If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing instead?
I mean I’m making music and all but I’m not really paid off it yet. Still doing what I was doing, working on the music and recently people wanna buy my beats which is neat. But uhh I probably would be doing not the best of things to provide for my daughter but by any means as long as she’s good, I’m ok. 

7. What’s success to you?
Being able to wake up to my own home and my daughter with a studio where I can just be creative in any way I want (art music films etc). And to have a place to hang with friends and fam and eat good and not worry so much and be good financially ($$). Also just really being able to make music and drop it the way I want, when I want to and with who I want. I WANT THE WHOLE WORLD TO HEAR MY MUSIC AND MAKE THEM FEEL SOMETHING WITH IT. Definitely, and to not be struggling for the people to listen to me and my friends music and stuff, like we can drop videos how we want 🙂

8. Which country produces the best food and women/men?
Hmmm I wouldn’t know from experience, I haven’t been out the country like that haha but i like all types of food really except onions and stuff.I’d try anything but I really like Italian stuff. So Italy for the food … maybe I don’t know, that’s a hard one. I gotta really get out and experience it 🙂 but Italian food is always good, oh and seafood. For women, I really like the european jawns 🙂 With the accents and alladat but I like all types of women lol so fuck it, I can’t even pick with the women question, that’s a tough one too.

9. What’s your vice?
I care too much sometimes and I need to learn to be more patient. I’m growing though.

10.What’s your favourite animal?
I like wolves and I like blue pits <3 Twitter

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