Meet: Zach Henderson & Tony Roche aka Odd Couple.
Location: Chi-Town, let ‘em know!
Age: 24 and 22 respectively.
Releases: Separated At Birth EP and Odd Couple Beat Tape Vol. 1

What’s the meaning behind your name?
Well I’m (Zach) a big ass brother from Milwaukee, Tony is a small white guy from Boise, but we just get together and clown and have a good ass time, making beats, DJ’ing, turning up, everything.

What other names have you had?
Nothing that ever really stuck.

Which song of yours would you first want people to hear?
Definitely Pink Champale, a track we did with King L, Mikey Dollaz, and Big Colour earlier this year. We got to incorporate lots of live instruments and mix in the Drill sound, all while making a track that was just dope to play in the whip.

Who was your Hip Hop idol growing up?
We’re producers, so obviously Kanye. As far as song structure, pushing the envelope, and incorporating different emotions and genres into making tracks, nobody does it better than ‘Ye. Never forget J Dilla aka your favorite producer’s favorite producer. Just Blaze too, he taught me how to make anthems!

Which musician would you most like to work with?
That’s a tough one yo! Hmmm, right now probably Kendrick Lamar (that’s kinda cliché but whatever), simply because I would love to make a record that everybody in the game gets murked on! Mayer Hawthorne is unbelievable too, just a great blend of soul, pop, funk, everything really.

If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing instead?
Building websites, working a desk job, and wishing that I was making music.

What’s success to you?
Success is achieving the long term goals you’ve set for yourself, maintaining the values that make you who you are, being able to provide for yourself and your family, and having a fun ass time doing it.

Which country produces the best food and women?
I gotta go with the US. 1) Because I don’t really travel that much. 2) Because nobody else, to my knowledge, has chicken and waffles. 3) We have such a diverse population of beautiful women. 4) See reason 2

What’s your vice?
Seinfeld. I’ll watch an entire season without a second thought.

What’s your favourite animal?
Chris Bosh.


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