Location: Queens, NY
Age: 24
Children of the Night: 100%, Where The Wild Things Are, Yes/No, Queens…Revisited
World’s Fair’96 Knicks, Company Fair, Suspect.
Solo: 3Flips6 ft Zombie Jewice & A$AP Ant, GLDCHN ft Bodega BAMZ.

1. What’s the meaning behind your name?
Me. It’s my real name.

2. What other names have you had?
Uhhhhhhhh, let’s see… Young Banks was my name throughout my high school rap career. Ha ha.

3. Which song of yours would you first want people to hear?
Whatever they can get their ears to first!

4. Who was your Hip Hop idol growing up?

5. Which musician would you most like to work with?

6. If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing instead?
I’d probably be doing something involving music or fashion.

7. What’s success to you?
Success to me is accomplishing your goals while exceeding people’s expectations.

8. Which country produces the best food and women (choose wisely)?
For food, I’d say Italy, I could eat Italian dishes all day. For women…

9. What’s your vice?
Smoking weed and taking naps.

10. What’s your favorite animal?
Siberian tiger.


Photo by Hayley Louisa Brown

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