Meet: Shamz Le Roc
Location: London, UK
Age: 23
Releases: Lazy Days 

What’s the meaning behind your name?
I used to be called Shambles back in school because I used to have really crazy messy hair. One day my cousin shortened it to Shamz and I was like, “Yes I like that, Shamz Le Roc.”

What other names have you had?
Little Miss Kaos, in year 7! Shambles. Friends call Shamoa, Shamba, Shamzilla. I met someone the other day and they opened the conversation with, “You’re Shazam, right?” LOL.

Which song of yours would you first want people to hear?
Lazy Days, as it’s the first track I ever recorded. Most people don’t know but the track is actually four years old, including the recording. I feel like I’ve come such a long way since then but it does still represent me and my music.

Who was your Hip Hop idol growing up?
Missy Elliott! She was everything I wanted to be and more. I used to get my Mum to tie dye my jeans suit just so I could have her style. She was the artist that really got me into Adidas too, back in secondary school I was the Adidas queen!

Which musician would you most like to work with?
R.Kelly, I think he’s amazing! He’s been able to reinvent himself time after time and that’s definitely something I plan on doing with my career. He’s an amazing songwriter, performer and musician. I’d just love to spend a day with him in the studio.

If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing instead?
Probably something to do with events or fashion. Either music event management or fashion styling.

What’s success to you?
Success to me means my family, friends and I living comfortably and being happy. Happy in mind, spirit and body and not having to double-think if I can ‘go large’ in McDonalds because I’d have that mula baby!

Which country produces the best food and women?
Jamaica! I’m of Jamaican heritage (My mother and father were born there) and the food! Oh my, the best cuisine known to man!

What’s your vice?
Probably chalk. I know, it’s a bit off key but I eat chalk. I need to stop, I guess.

What’s your favorite animal?
I love cats! The way they move, the way they know how to relax, but when it’s time to get up and make a move, they waste no time. I feel like a cat always has a plan, I could be wrong but I feel like they’re quite calculated animals. I always love the sly shade they thrown as well.


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