Location: from Chicago, currently living in LA.
Age: 26
Releases: Planet Earth, The Disappointed Series, Local Nobodies

What’s the meaning behind your name?
Sulaiman is my birth name, it means “Man Of Peace” in Arabic.

What other names have you had?
Phrikshun, Akademically Adept, TheNativeSoul

Which song of yours would you first want people to hear?
Fuck Everything. Produced by me, raps by me, no fucks given by me, it’s a nice intro course.

Who was your Hip Hop idol growing up?

Which musician would you most like to work with?
3-way tie between Quincy Jones/Rick Rubin/David Axelrod.

If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing instead?
Design. The visions have to come out somehow.

What’s success to you?
The freedom to be childlike in my adult endeavours.

Which country produces the best food and women?
I’m leaning towards Ethiopia (g’lawd!)

What’s your vice?

What’s your favourite animal?
The Lion. That roar’ll make a motherfucker pay attention.


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