The Infamous is one of the greatest Hip Hop albums of all time. 18 years following the release, Mobb Deep have released a follow up, The Infamous Mobb Deep.

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The double disc LP will be released on April 1st but in the meantime, you can stream the album here unless you’re outside of the US : (

1. “Taking You Off Here” (Produced by Havoc)
2. “Say Something” (Produced By Illmind)
3. “Get Down” (Feat. Snoop Dogg) (Produced by Havoc)
4. “Dirt” (Produced By Illmind)
5. “Timeless” (Produced By Beat Butcha)
6. “All A Dream” (Feat. The LOX) (Produced By Ommas Keith)
7. “Low” (Feat. Mack Wilds) (co-produced By Seven Thomas, Havoc, Boi-1da)
8. “Murdera” (Produced By Illmind)
9. “Check the Credits” (Produced By Illmind)
10. “Gimme All That” (Produced by Havoc)
11. “Legendary” (Feat. Bun B & Juicy J) (co-produced by Havoc, Boi-1da, The Maven Boys)
12. “Lifetime” (Produced by Alchemist)
13. “My Block” (Produced by Kaytranada)
14. “Henny” (Feat. Mack Wilds, Busta Rhymes & French Montana) (Produced by Havoc)
15. “Conquer” (Produced by Havoc)
16. “Waterboarding” (Produced by Havoc)
17. “Get It Forever” (Feat. Nas) (Produced by Havoc)

Deluxe Edition (The 1994 Infamous Sessions):
1. “Eye For An Eye” (Feat. Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & Nas) (Prod. Mobb Deep)
2. “Skit” (Prod. Mobb Deep)
3. “Get It In Blood” (Prod. Mobb Deep)
4. “Gimme The Goods” (Prod. Mobb Deep)
5. “If It’s Alright” (Feat. Big Noyd) (Prod. Mobb Deep)
6. “Skit Mobb Deep 1995″ (Prod. Mobb Deep)
7. “Survival of the Fittest” (Prod. Mobb Deep)
8. “Temperature’s Rising” (Prod. Mobb Deep)
9. “The Bridge” (Prod. Mobb Deep)
10. “Skit” (Prod. Mobb Deep)
11. “The Money” (Prod. Mobb Deep)
12. “The Money Version 2″ (Prod. Mobb Deep)
13. “We About to Get Hectic” (Prod. Mobb Deep)
14. “The Infamous” (Prod. Mobb Deep)

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