Look No Hands! Hackney, 2009

I first became aware of Nina Manandhar’s work last spring when I started working at WAH Magazine. Her series, Girls Best Friend, made up of portraits of girls with dogs was featured in the magazine. The dogs included were Staffordshire bull terriers; the same breed as my dog Goldie, therefore I appreciated the images on a personal level. When she explained that the project was influenced by the lack of photography of girls with dogs, I instantly appreciated her photographs. Rather than focus on the trend for handbag-sized dogs, Manandhar selected the most underrepresented of female dog owners. When describing the project, she observed the relationship between a girl and her dog and how it is different to the male relationship.

Many of the images give off a personal vibe, as if a relationship has developed between photographer and subject. This is emphasised by the title of the images, often simply the name of the subject and the area they were photographed in. By providing the names and locations, the viewer is able to build their own narrative around the image.

Nella and Blaze: Girls Best Friend, Dalston, 2008

Adele and Bobby: Girls Best Friend Hackney 2009

Not My Face: Girls Best Friend London Mela, Acton, 2007

Kayleigh and Prada: Girls Best Friend London Mela, Acton 2007

Picking up where nineties street style photography left off, Manandhar manages to capture typical street scenes worldwide. Having explored London with her camera, Manandhar has been across America and Nepal on a quest for interesting subjects. She is particularly good at capturing a scene naturally without interfering with the essence of her subject matter.

YBG’S, Oakland, 2007

Supermalt Shadows, London, 2006

Knowledge Is Power, Kathmandu, Nepal, 2006

Aftermath, Burgess Park, 2007

Advanced Style, Austin, Texas, 2004

Our High Street Flatbush, Brooklyn 2008

Check out more of Nina Manadhar’s photography at www.ninamanandhar.com.

An exhibition featuring a selection of Manandhar’s images is taking place at Exposure Gallery, 22-23 Little Portland Street, London, W1W 8BU until August 30th.

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