It’s very rare that you come across an artist that makes you want to grab strangers in the street and force feed music to them. The last rapper that caused this level of addiction in me was Danny Brown. So when Mr Brown himself took to Twitter to tell the world about Odd Future, I made sure to pay attention. A short download later and I was picking up the phone to Grandma… “Hey Grandma, you heard any of Odd Future’s tunes?” Well obviously that didn’t happen, they talk about rape and murder and my grandma is a sweet old lady from Yorkshire. But you get the point.

If I were to put Odd Future into words, I would probably say they sound like Eminem and Onyx trashing The Cool Kids’ house party. By this I mean the dirty bass lines will appeal to fans of Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks, but the lyrical content could cause many distraught phone calls to mummy. As addicted as I am to Odd Future, at first I found myself getting a bit nauseous between the tales of kidnap and abuse. But hey, what do you expect from teenage boys brought up in the decade of South Park and Jackass?

Consisting of eight members, the group reside in the Los Angeles area. Tyler, the Creator, aged eighteen, stands out from the group with his skills as an MC and producer. His album, Bastard features beautifully composed tracks like Seven, French and VCR, while his dark and disturbing lyrics are expressed in scratchy tones reminiscent of Sticky Fingaz. His sixteen-year-old brother Earl is highly talented with words, using alliteration and past tense to create a complex structure.

Considering their age, these guys are super-skilled; there are many established producers that can’t make tracks as good as Tyler, the Creator, yet the dude is a rapper first and producer second. On several tracks, Odd Future criticise popular Hip Hop websites, Nah Right and Two Dope Boys for neglecting to mention their music. For whatever reason they were overlooked, I bet those blogs will regret ignoring them in a couple of years time.

Twitter: @ofwgkta and @fucktyler

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